What to do or not to do in the days of the Palio di Siena
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For people born in Siena, the days of the Palio are days of celebration but also of great tension, so in certain situations it is better to have a little caution!
Here are some recommendations to better enjoy one of the most characteristic events in Tuscany.

What are the precautions to be taken when entering the square to attend the Palio

As we told you in our article "The Palio di Siena - Everything you need to know", before the start of the race, it is necessary to budget over three hours of waiting, often in conditions of suffocating heat. To protect yourself from the heat and the sun, it is advisable to wear hats and caps but it is recommended, however, to remove them at the time of the race, because they obstruct the view of the "contradaioli" (fans of the "Contrade", the race teams). The same goes for tablets held high for filming or photographing. Another thing to keep in mind is that the safety rules do not allow you to bring glass, cans and spirits with you and it is also highly discouraged to bring backpacks, because they are checked one by one, which slows down the time of entry into the square very much. However, there are three stalls selling fresh drinks and snacks, easily identifiable, so rest assured! Be careful though, there are no toilets inside the Piazza, so think about it in advance!

If someone has an illness during the event

Inside the square there are obviously volunteer rescuers; inside the Fonte Gaia, in addition to the rescuers, there is also a doctor and a nurse. Two other doctors and nurses are also inside the Piazza chapel. In the main and most pedestrianized streets, there are medical stations, namely: in Piazza della Posta, at the Logge del Papa, in Piazza del Duomo and in Piazza Tolomei.

But now.. the most important information for your survival! How to behave towards the Contradaioli!

• Do not try in any way to approach the Horses. In the vicinity of the Horse stable of each Contrada participating in the Career, you will find real checkpoints and barriers. In no way is it possible to pass. Neither can you scream or annoy the Horse with cackles, both day and night.

• Do not disturb the Contradaioli in the moments of greatest tension: during the accompanying of the Horse to the tests, in the minutes immediately preceding the race, after the race if they are disappointed or angry. Before the Palio, never tell a Contradaiolo that his Contrada is favored or wins .. The reactions can be very broken up!

• Do not sarcastically comment on the tension of the Contradaioli in the imminence of the race, do not protest with impatience if the operations of the Mossa continue for a long time.

• If contradaioli ask to move or move away from a certain area, follow their indication. This applies during the four days of the tests, as well as before and after the race.

• In the event of a fight or confrontation between rivals of rival Contrade, move away immediately with discretion and above all do not try to take pictures or film the fight, because in that case it is very likely that some contradaiolo will damage the appliance.

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