Villa il Patriarca
Origins, history and curiosities

Villa il Patriarca is an ancient noble residence from the 19th century, which today, after careful renovation, represents an exclusive home in Tuscany.
Villa il Patriarca is an ancient noble residence from the 19th century which today, after a careful renovation, represents an exclusive accomodation in Tuscany. Surrounded by a large park and beautiful hilly views, it is located halfway between Chiusi, the ancient capital of the mysterious Etruscan population, and the renowned spa town of Chianciano Terme. In the immediate surroundings we can admire, among others, Montepulciano, famous all over the world for the Vino Nobile, Pienza, the ideal city of the Italian Renaissance and well-know for its cheeses Pecorino DOP, Montalcino, Brunello's homeland, and the nearby Val d'Orcia, Unesco heritage site since 2004 and acclaimed icon of the Tuscan landscape.

Of ancient historical origins, Villa il Patriarca rests its foundations on the original Etruscan villa dated between the fifth and fourth centuries BC. During the Roman Empire and in later periods, the Villa has always welcomed guests and important personalities, given the strategic importance that this land near the passage of the Cassia road covered and thanks to the most recent construction of the State Railway in nearby Chiusi.

In 1815 a wealthy family from Chiusi had the main body of the current residence built in perfect Florentine liberty style, with the high tower on the right side of the facade and with a central entrance; fragments of the original white travertine decoration are set around the entrance door.

The presence of the Royal Family in this area further increased the fortune of the Villa, which in the early 1900s was purchased by an illustrious notary from Rome who gave the name to the entire building, Patriarca.

It was, however, in the late 1950s that, thanks to the construction of a new wing, by the famous architect Pierluigi Nervi, the undisputed protagonist of 20th century architecture, expanding and integrating the original 19th century structure, it opened to receptivity hotel industry. Of note is the large Salone Nervi, devoid of central columns is one of the largest restaurant rooms in Italy, with which Pierluigi Nervi has left us a remarkable testimony of his art, for which functionality and stillness are the necessary corollary to the aesthetics of form (the most illustrious example is certainly the Papal Audience Hall in the Vatican) the villa was transformed into a 3-star hotel, when the spa town of Chianciano Terme was the usual destination of the Italian intellectual class.

Villa il Patriarca hosted, among its most illustrious guests, the great director Federico Fellini and his wife Giulietta Masina, who today the hotel pays homage by dedicating two splendid Suites. It is here that Fellini imagined, conceived and even set what is considered his absolute masterpiece and one of the most important films in the history of cinema: "8 and 1/2".

In 1999 the property passed to the Panarese-Grappi family, agricultural entrepreneurs of the Val d'Orcia who carried out a radical restructuring both as regards the Hotel, now 4 stars, and as regards the restaurants: in 2003 the gourmet restaurant " I Salotti " was awarded 1 Star for the first time in the Michelin Guide, after that maintained for 19 years, and in 2005 the" Taverna del Patriarca "was opened in the old cellars of the residence.

Villa il Patriarca offers an elegant hotel and two restaurants, different in their environment and type.
Welcomed by the pleasant welcome of the Reception, a multilingual staff able to satisfy the most intimate needs of the customer, our guests can choose from 22 rooms equipped with every comfort and different from each other in categories and furnishings. Some, located in the ancient wing of the Villa, retain all the elements of the typical Tuscan style; others, characterized by a softer style, are more elegant and refined in furnishings.
For those who want the magical atmosphere of stuccos and damasks, you can find it in the two exclusive Suites Fellini and Masina.

The recommended Michelin Guide restaurant, "I Salotti", chef Katia Maccari, is elegantly furnished and adorned with lambris and boiserie; the polychromatic charm of silver and crystal objects is preserved on the white and golden consoles of the dining room. The cuisine is inspired by the Tuscan tradition by offering singularly creative dishes and high-class service.
To accompany "I Salotti", with the aim of enhancing the renowned regional specialties, there is the "Taverna del Patriarca", obtained in the ancient cellars of the Villa. A very courteous service is combined with a simple and tasty cuisine with a very articulated menu. The peculiarity of the Taverna is an open brazier, where it is possible to cook meat and fish specialties.
The selection of wines from our restaurants is vast and boasts labels of high quality.
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