Aphrodisiac food
3 foods that you probably didn't know were aphrodisiacs

The debate on the effectiveness of foods considered aphrodisiacs is always open and rather stimulating: on the one hand there are those who argue that no food is really aphrodisiac, that their effect is only the result of the suggestion relating to the hypothetical power that is attributed to them; on the other, there is that he says that sex and food are closely linked, as well as the pleasure that is derived from both. On the other hand, the pleasant and appetizing flavor of some foods is responsible for the release of endorphins, which allows the person to relax and experience a pleasure that can also stimulate another type of appetite.

When we talk about aphrodisiac foods we always think of those usual three / four that are considered as such in different cultures, which are, to name a few, oysters, chili peppers, truffles and chocolate.
But in many cultures and traditions there are other foods that are invested with this particular power and that are, for the most part, unsuspected.

1. Avocado


Avocado has been considered a sinful fruit since ancient times because of its shape: in 5000 BC, in fact, the Aztecs associated it with male genitalia.
Exported to Europe around the eighteenth century, it became inevitable on the table of Louis XV, who apparently found the secret of libido in avocado.
We come to the concrete facts: avocado contains precious essential fatty acids, such as Omega-3, capable of preserving the health of the heart and arteries, also ensuring the proper functioning of the microcirculation, which is fundamental at the level of the genitals for a healthy sexual life.

2. Asparagus


The exploitation of the aphrodisiac power of this vegetable, which also has an evocative form, has very ancient origins: in France, in the nineteenth century, asparagus was served to boyfriends the day before the wedding, with the hope that they would intensify the sexual desire.
Science tells us, however, that asparagus contains a high amount of vitamin B, which increases the production of histamine, a fundamental molecule for increasing libido.

3. Parmigiano

parmigiano reggiano

This Italian cheese, one of the most famous in the world, owes its reputation as an aphrodisiac to its high nutritional value. The improvement of sexual activity is linked to free amino acids such as tyrosine, closely linked to libido and responsible for an increase in desire.

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