In honor of Women's Day

Women's Day is celebrated on March 8th, to remember and pay homage to important goals achieved by women, such as the struggle for rights, and not to forget the discrimination they have had to suffer to ensure that this does not happen again. It is customary in Italy to give women the Mimosa flower on this special day. The sprig of Mimosa, with its delicate appearance and warm yellow colour, represents on the one hand the strength and determination of women and on the other their femininity and modesty. Women's Day is also celebrated at the table, with the dessert "Torta Mimosa" created in Rieti in the 1950s by the chef Adelmo Renzi, originally from San Filippo di Contigliano, who owned a restaurant in the center of the town. The name of the cake derives precisely from the characteristic resemblance to the flower. The cake consists of a sponge cake soaked in a sweet liqueur and filled with custard to which it is possible to add whipped cream or jam. What characterizes it is the decoration, which sees the cake composed by pieces of sponge cake on the entire surface, which gives the characteristic appearance of the Mimosa flower. There are many variations and we know why… Adelmo Renzi has never revealed his recipe!
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