"A city born from a thought of love and a dream of beauty"

Pienza, located 40 minutes from our hotel, is a small village in the heart of Val d’Orcia, which is definitely worth a visit during your trip to Southern Tuscany.

Known as the "ideal" city of the Renaissance, it is a creation of the famous humanist Enea Silvio Piccolomini, who later became Pope Pius II, who, born here, decided to transform the pre-existing medieval village of Corsignano, in its ideal “city”, so much so that it still communicates to the world the Renaissance urban canons for the rational organization of spaces and perspectives of squares and buildings.
Of the old village only the Pieve di Corsignano remains, which can be reached by leaving the historic center, with a short walk along the side of the hill.

The city project was carried out by the architect Bernardo known as Rossellino, under the expert guidance of his master Leon Battista Alberti. In just 3 years, between 1458 and 1462, a complex of beautiful and harmonious buildings was built around a large central square: the Cathedral, the Papal Residence or Palazzo Piccolomini, the Palazzo Civico and the Palazzo Borgia (or Vescovile - now the seat of the Diocesan Museum), so called because it was donated by Pope Pius II to Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia, at the time his close collaborator, who became Pope Alexander VI and who made it his residence.

The impression one gets, walking through the narrow streets of Pienza, is that of a harmonious and proportionate whole; somehow it is as if one were admiring a Renaissance city portrayed in a beautiful painting.

Harmony and balance that have ensured that the historic center of Pienza obtained the recognition of Unesco site in 1996.

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