Katia Maccari
Why to choose Il Patriarca

Il Patriarca, in addition to being a successful business, is first of all a family: we are not just a team or a team, but we are a group linked by solid values ​​and solid ties, which go beyond work and make us a all united and united. Our common purpose is to bring Il Patriarca up high and for this we work with immense passion and dedication every day.

In terms of catering, Il Patriarca represents first of all the territory: our great fortune is our farm that constantly supplies us with top quality raw materials and at km 0, such as our wheat, which we cultivate, collect and mill for later use it in our preparations, or the Cinta Senese or lamb meat, which come directly from our farms.
Ours is a real km 0, a real short chain: our raw materials certainly represent the added value that distinguishes us from other catering activities. We are sure to serve exclusively certified and guaranteed exclusivity on the table.

As for our hotel, the structure stands out for its innovative and familiar services at the same time: our guests are welcomed with the utmost efficiency and attention, to offer them a stay that is certainly not standardized, but indeed personalized and cared for in every detail.
Our guests must be able to feel at home, at ease at all times: it is nice to get out of everyday life, to try unique and different experiences, but it is just as nice to be able to find yourself in the warmth of home even when you are away.

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