How to get a Michelin Star
Best restaurants' award

The Michelin star is one of the most coveted awards for every chef.
We know that the star is attributed to the restaurant - or the stars, from one to three - but the merit and responsibility are of the chef.

bold: (| What makes a chef a great chef?)
Surely innate talent, love and passion for one's job, commitment, perseverance, determination, creativity; all combined with a great preparation and experience.
These two aspects should never be underestimated: the preparation of a good school and the experience in the kitchen, starting from the lowest steps, making the so-called apprenticeship, are fundamental for forging the wealth of knowledge, sensitivity and experience of a great chef.
So a lot of theoretical knowledge and a lot of practice.

bold: (| How do you get to the coveted stars?)
To obtain Michelin stars, the restaurant must be in a location covered by the Michelin map. This is the sine qua non condition.
The restaurant must also be known, properly promoted, must stand out among all the competition in the area.
Those in charge of the Michelin Guide make surprise visits, so a chef will never know who and when he could come or maybe he has already come and maybe not even once, but many.
This pushes the chefs to work every day, at all times, always to the maximum: maximum commitment, maximum quality of raw materials, impeccable cooking, well-kept dishes, constant search for flavors and balances.
In a nutshell: the pursuit of perfection must represent the standard of daily activity of the aspiring star chef.

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