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Cantucci and Vin Santo

The Tradition "made in Tuscany"

Saying NO to dessert is really difficult .. especially if you are in Tuscany! Because it is impossible to give up to the typical Cantucci ... ➔

Cinta Senese

..did you know?

Only in Siena is it possible to immerse yourself in the ancient flavor of meats and sausages of Cinta Senese, an ancient pig breed that ... ➔

Nutrition and sleep

The foods that make us sleep better

 Nutrition and sleep are closely linked: the quality of our sleep is influenced by what we eat.    There are foods that promote sleep and a good rest and ... ➔

Garlic and its benefits

Everything you probably didn't know

Garlic is a prodigious bulb and rich in fundamental properties for the health of our body.  Not to mention that in the kitchen it plays a fundamental role ... ➔

Aphrodisiac food

3 foods that you probably didn't know were aphrodisiacs

The debate on the effectiveness of foods considered aphrodisiacs is always open and rather stimulating: on the one hand there are those who argue that no ... ➔

Best tuscan wines

Our guide

 Tuscany has a great fortune: a very huge territory in which many vines and a geographic conformation and a climate such as to make it the land of wine ... ➔

5 typical tuscan dishes

To taste absolutely

 Traditional Tuscan cuisine boasts recipes and dishes of a truly unique size and goodness. Among all the dishes shared by the Tuscan territory there are ... ➔

Villa il Patriarca

Origins, history and curiosities

Villa il Patriarca is an ancient noble residence from the 19th century. which today, after careful renovation, represents an exclusive home in Tuscany.... ➔

How to get a Michelin Star

Best restaurants' award

 The Michelin star is one of the most coveted awards for every chef.  We know that the star is attributed to the restaurant - or the stars, from one to ... ➔

Katia Maccari

Why to choose Il Patriarca

 Il Patriarca, in addition to being a successful business, is first of all a family: we are not just a team or a team, but we are a group linked by solid ... ➔
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