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Best tuscan wines

Our guide

 Tuscany has a great fortune: a very huge territory in which many vines and a geographic conformation and a climate such as to make it the land of wine ... ➔

5 typical tuscan dishes

To taste absolutely

 Traditional Tuscan cuisine boasts recipes and dishes of a truly unique size and goodness. Among all the dishes shared by the Tuscan territory there are ... ➔

Villa il Patriarca

Origins, history and curiosities

Villa il Patriarca is an ancient noble residence from the 19th century. which today, after careful renovation, represents an exclusive home in Tuscany.... ➔

How to get a Michelin Star

Best restaurants' award

 The Michelin star is one of the most coveted awards for every chef.  We know that the star is attributed to the restaurant - or the stars, from one to ... ➔

Katia Maccari

Why to choose Il Patriarca

 Il Patriarca, in addition to being a successful business, is first of all a family: we are not just a team or a team, but we are a group linked by solid ... ➔
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