5 typical tuscan dishes
To taste absolutely

Traditional Tuscan cuisine boasts recipes and dishes of a truly unique size and goodness. Among all the dishes shared by the Tuscan territory there are some that must necessarily be tried, especially if you have the opportunity to find them prepared by hands that truly know the tradition and the raw materials of Tuscany.
We want to list five of them: five dishes, five masterpieces to taste absolutely.

Traditional Tuscan cuisine is basically a poor cuisine, made of a few simple ingredients, processed and cooked with such skill and passion that they can be turned into great dishes. That's the secret!

Let's start with an appetizer, the famous black crostino, or the meat and chicken liver paté with which the Tuscan crostino is made par excellence.

Moving on to the first courses, one cannot fail to mention the "Pici", the extraordinary "spaghettoni" - an absolutely improper term, but one that gives a good idea - of water and flour, with a delicate flavor that lend themselves perfectly to being seasoned with the most varied sauces. Without a doubt, however, the original pici of the poor tradition are those with crumbs - crumbs of toasted bread with oil and garlic - and those with garlic - spicy tomato sauce and Valdichiana "aglione", a unique garlic from the area more south of Tuscany, which has the particularity of being very large, but above all extremely delicate.

And among the first courses, egg pasta cannot be missing, accompanied by rich game sauces from the Tuscan woods. Whether it's wild boar sauce, hare or even roe deer, pappardelle are the ones that best match the richness of these ragù.

From great popular wisdom two great dishes are born, each alternative to the other. Let's explain it better: both of these dishes are made with stale bread and vegetables from the garden, only one is purely summer, the other winter. We are talking about "panzanella" and "ribollita".

While panzanella is a fresh dish, in which the soaked stale bread is seasoned with the typical vegetables of the summer garden - tomatoes, salad, cucumbers, onions, basil - the ribollita takes the form almost of a hot soup, where stale bread it is the basis for a vegetable broth and the vegetables themselves, typical of a winter garden - the absolute protagonist is in fact black cabbage.

And finally here is a great second of Tuscan cuisine, or rather a way of cooking all the meats that are part of the typical gastronomy of this region: the "buglione", which is a kind of fragrant and slightly spicy stew, with a base of tomato. Poultry, beef, lamb, game and pork can be eaten like a lump.

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